Why is petrol so expensive in India

As a biker we have lot of expense to cater. Insurance Tyre Service But nothing impact our riding budget more than the cost of petrol. 2014 election was fought on corruption and price rise. The PM in almost every speech spoke about how expensive the cost of petrol were and how it was a burdenContinue reading “Why is petrol so expensive in India”

Laloo, our fallen hero.

Sushil Modi(BJP-Bihar) son got married last week and Tejaswi Yadav(Laloo’s son) had threaten to disrupt the wedding. Year 1994 – Congress has been decimated after Narasimha Rao rule and so was BJP post 1992 riot. A huge opportunity for other parties to make a mark on national level. In competition was Janta Dal and so wasContinue reading “Laloo, our fallen hero.”

who killed Gandhi and why?

Year 1948, January 30, Gandhi was shot by Godse during a prayer ceremony in Delhi. Prime Minister Nehru announced to the world “Light has gone out of our lives. Gandhi, who we fondly call Bapu was gone. Historians and scholars have written extensively on “who killed Gandhi and why?” and the answer, obviously, doesn’t endContinue reading “who killed Gandhi and why?”