Sundari Akka Fish shop in Marina


Having been bombarded by various review about sundari akka fish shop in Chennai, I too decided to visit her place.

Located next to the public swimming pool near on the Marina Beach. Open-Air Restaurant with no Ceiling or Walls, Beach facing, Self-Service and Live Kitchen. The Model is simple, you get Rice and Gravy of the Day. Sambar and Rasam is available too. Boiled Egg, Fish Fry, Prawns etc totally depending on the availability. There was Crab Gravy, Fish Fry(Mackerel and Pomfret), prawn fry(the prawns were good and big size), Vaala Meen Karuvattu Kozhambu, Vanjiram Fry. Typical Home Style Curries, tastes as if it is straight out of your own Akka’s Kitchen. Fish Fry perfectly Masalafied and Tawa Fried.


Approximate rate is ₹100 – ₹120/Plate for Fish Fry and Prawns depending on the size, Rice and Gravy of the day ₹50, Boiled Egg ₹10.



Next to Public swimming pool in Marina. There’s a Parking Lot near the entrance of the Swimming Pool complex at Marina Beach. Sundari Akka’s shop is on the right as soon you enter the parking lot. Landmark: Near Durai Cool Bar.


Cost :

Prawn fry (₹110).

Vanjiram (₹220).

It costs 50 for fish rice . I feel it’s a bit OVERPRICED considering the shop and ambience and no seating arrangements.

Taste :  4/5

It has got few downside too:

The lady(Sudari akka) is quite arrogant and rude. Throws lot of attitude as though she’s offering free food.


It’s a typical road shop. No tables and few chairs.

I personally feel it is expensive for the service you get there.


Try going once for the experience. I think it is famous for the social media hype.

Ever since her husband Sekhar died of a heart attack in 2005,  50-year-old Sundari akka has been serving free food on his death anniversary every year as a tribute to him.


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