Questioning Education

Meet Raja,

Met him at KRP Park on his school uniform bunking class and roaming around the park.
My first question was “What are you doing here without going to school”. He Smiled back.
I asked him to help me with my camera in return for 10 bucks. He smiled back again and replied ‘No need of money, get me lunch’. Deal.

This kid is no ordinary. Probably carrying camera for the first time and the way he handled the camera was par professionals. His eye and lens coordination, his feet movement.. Panning slowly. Resting his elbow on his belly to avoid camera shake and asking me many times to change direction understanding the light for better videos.

Talent and Passion is what I saw. Get him a camera and some editing training and he will be on his own earning money.

On top of all the passion/talent, his communication skill in negotiating lunch over 10 bucks. That is enough marketing skill to thrive.

Makes me wonder sometime what will be the purpose of his 12-15 years of education in school and college in the current system we have. I am not against education but the system of education he has to go through. What if we had a system that would translate this talent of his into something beautiful for his future.

#TravelDiaries #SEED100
P.S – He is getting help.


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